An Internet Marketing Legend...

Mizel is a rockstar, the guy other Gurus call when they need help with high-volume strategy or implementation in their own businesses. Known as The Godfather of Internet Marketing, Jonathan has been selling online and mentoring entrepreneurs since the birth of the commercial Internet in 1992.

He's an expert at generating massive amounts of targeted traffic, and specializes in email marketing, listbuilding, and developing Joint Venture relationships. This is the dude who invented the term "Squeeze Page" and then use it to generate over 2 Million subscribers in less than 18 months.

At the same time, Jonathan is a down-to-earth guy who lives in Maui, Hawaii and does what he does primarily for the lifestyle. He's as comfortable in the board room as he is on the beach (but make no mistake, he does prefer the beach).

He's advised some of the biggest sites online, and is particularly drawn to entrepreneurs in growth mode. Those who want to take their businesses to 7 figures, 8 figures, and beyond. That's his personal passion – hyper-growth.

If you need a shot of that, climb aboard, because Jonathan is one of the few mentors who deeply care about the industry, and the people he works with.

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Jonathan's true passion is teaching others how to achieve hyper-growth and make sales online. That's what gets him up every morning, and why he does what he does. Because he loves watching his students succeed.


Mizel is a Marketing Legend, a guru to the gurus who will engage and excite your audience and help make your event a success. That's why he's invited to speak at so many seminars, because he freely shares his knowledge and experience, both onstage and off.



Jonathan began marketing and selling online in 1992, just a few years after the internet as we know it was born.


He's helped over 150,000 business owners achieve their dreams through his coaching and training programs.


Jonathan has spoken at almost 200 Seminars and workshops teaching marketing and advertising.


He has sent more than 3 billion opt-in emails and has 20 years of experience building lists and ad campaigns.

Yanik Silver

Jonathan has instructed and guided some of the largest companies into their internet success. I'm talking about companies you recognize, like Microsoft, Intel, American Express. If those heavyweights go to Jonathan Mizel to get the goods on winning Internet marketing techniques, I think you and I are in for a good show on how anyone can get a stragegy to create income online!

Who wouldn't want to work with Jonathan! His students inlcude Frank Kern, Rich Schefren, Perry Marshall, Mike Hill, Jeff Johnson, Glenn Livingston, Shawn Casey, Keith Wellman, Tim Erway, Carlos Garcia, Jeff Walker, Tom Bell, Justin Brooke, and most every other big-name-guru out there. And yet, he makes time to work with those of us in smaller entreprises too.  

Jeannie Randall

Andre Chaperon

There are very few people in this industry I will promote without even needing to see the product. Jonathan is in this small (trusted) group. I love his content, his attention to detail... But mostly, I love the way he treats and looks after my customers... You're safe in the hands of Jonathan. I'll put money on it. Or I wouldn't be writing this for him. I don't do backscratching.

Jonathan's one of those guys who is in the trenches taking action - not just marketing internet marketing products to the internet marketing crowd. He sells real products to real people in the real world.

David Jenyns

Ted Ciuba

Normally, if you want to learn Jonathan's breakthrough strategies and secrets, you'd have to pay him a pretty heft consulting fee, and these days even that isn't enough to grab his attention. He prefers cash and a piece of the companies he consults with. Good advice doesn't come cheap!